Youth Ministry

Children's Ministry (Birth - Grade 6)

Purpose: To walk with families and children as they lead and guide their children in their spiritual foundation and journey.

Opportunities for Children and Families:

Worship/Discipleship- Children are an important part of our FBCWJ worship experiences. Worship bags are provided for all children to aid parents as they are leading by example in teaching their children about worship. Discipleship opportunities are offered each week to continue Bible study with children as they grow in their knowledge and faith.

Music and Missions- Sundays, 11 pm. Music and Missions is provided during Discipleship so children can learn through song, instruments, and various mission projects.

Vacation Bible School-Summer

Fun Activities/Camps- Children grades 3-6 attend PassporKids Camp each summer, along with various fun outings schedule throughout the year.

Youth Ministry (Grade 7-12)

Purpose: To provide discipleship and relationship building to encourage youth as they form their beliefs and continue their spiritual journey.

Opportunities for Youth:

Worship/Discipleship-Proving opportunities for youth to participate in and lead worship is an important part of our youth ministry. Discipleship meets weekly to continue Bible study and life application.

Youth Gatherings- These monthly gatherings offer youth an opportunity to build relationships through recreation, lunch, devotions, and missions.

Service and Missions-Community service and mission opportunities are offered throughout the year.

Fun Activities/Camp- Youth attend Passport Camp each summer, along with various fun outings scheduled throughout the year.

College Ministry

Purpose: To stay connected to our college students.

Care Packages-Each semester, care packages are sent to our college students with personal notes and goodies to offer encouragement and support.